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Who can solve this riddle? [Jul. 24th, 2007|08:01 am]

Mind, I do NOT have an answer!

Solving the riddle of life,
Takes more than a man and his wife
Look towards the east
There, you will find the beast

If a child can give birth to a child
Can man give birth to mankind?

Solutions are found far underground
On walls yet to be uncovered
Where water flowed
There now is sand
You don't have to go
It can come to you

It's not what
But it's where...

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Books meme! [Jun. 28th, 2007|10:39 am]
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[listening to: |"Still Time", Michael Simons]

I borrowed this meme from trishtrash

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doomed? [Jun. 10th, 2007|12:34 pm]
David Berkeley, a recent musical hero of mine, sings in his "Trouble for a Fool" "In the end we weigh every card that we hold, and some are butterflies and some are rock'n'roll". Fine, but apparently at the moment I've been dealt only rock'n'roll with some addition of heavy metal. Actually there's some TRASH metal as well. And now I am brought to think of something Stephen King wrote, "Argue thy not about the hand that you are dealt, in cards or life". Well, for Pete's sake, fair enough, but the game doesn't look fair, even when "Every game looks fair when everybody is getting cheated at once" (and this is SK again).
I mean, there is so much I have to give, and nobody to take it...

On a much lighter note, I'm still wondering how does Puggs manage to write so many LONG blogs basically every day. OK, many of them are dedicated to how much he slept in the previous night, but still. When I'm very bored and I stare at a blank screen it stays blank.

"Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread..."
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...music starts [May. 28th, 2007|08:34 am]
"Jefferson" by David Berkeley (from "After the Wrecking Ships")

When you come down, when you come down, when you come down...
Jefferson, I heard your tears fall down
over the fall of the rain.
Why is it you and I were never that much the same?
Rain on the road across the Delaware,
nearly washed us away.
How come philosophy folds in the light of the day.
A piece of the West broke away

A piece of the west broke away, away.
We are worn like the river stones.
Away, away. Washed up like the river stones.

In Betlehem a baby boy was born,
born to build the bomb.
What was the fighting for,
and who remembers his song?
The boy was king; he was a prodigy,
in love with everything.
But why did the kingdom come
and splll on everyone,
and why the confusion son,
the closer we cling to the gun?
A piece of the West broke away.

A piece of the West
broke away, away.
We are worn like the river stones.
Away, away. Washed up like the river stones.

In Pennsylvania there's a bridge that broke.
The water washed it on by.
Why is it you and I, buckled under the tide?
Jefferson, we should have listened.
We should have answered the call.
But what did you want from me?
Now the West will fall.
And who did you hope to be?
Now the West will fall.
Yeah, now the West will fall.

Now the West will fall away.
We are worn like the river stones.
Away, away. Come on rattle the river stones,
washed up like the river stones.
We are worn like the river
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Top 5 again [May. 23rd, 2007|08:54 am]
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[listening to: |Vinicio Capossela, "Il Ballo di San Vito"]

...getting to a "top 20" now. In honour of "High Fidelity".
The previous ones are HERE, HERE and HERE, although some songs need to be moved around. But I will when I get to my Top5x5.

1. The Company
2. Raw Meat
3. The Perception of Johnny Punter
4. A Gentleman's Excuse Me
5. Mr. 1470

1. Jefferson
2. Halloween Parade
3. Red
4. Hurricane
5. Fire Sign

1. Vendetta
2. Night of a 1,000 Dreams
3. Sion
4. The Wasp
5. Catchee a Sola

1. We All Need Some Light
2. Duel with the Devil
3. Bridge Across Forever
4. Mystery Train
5. Suite Charlotte Pike

1. Vieni
2. Soffochi?
3. Giunse Mai
4. L'Uomo coi Tagli
5. Sei

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movies - play with me! [Apr. 12th, 2007|11:55 am]
Shamelessly stolen from felis_felicis

Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite Movies. Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks. Have your friends guess the show names.
Hint: I haven't necessarily picked the most relevant keywords for each film.

01. Mustache/Cadillac/Hooker
02. Bohemian/Fired/Scapegoat
03. Child Abuse/California/Gangsta Grip
04. Murder/Jukebox/Press Conference
05. Bathtub/Forest/Photograph
06. Paranoid/Satire/Window
07. Sniper/Mosquito/Respect
08. Police Brutality/Unemployment/Alcohol
09. Car Accident/Marriage/Masquerade
10. Elevator/Premarital Sex/Wings

I'll post the answers to this meme...meh, soon ;-).

01. Mustache/Cadillac/Hooker                                    Sin City
02. Bohemian/Fired/Scapegoat                                 Dead Poets Society
03. Child Abuse/California/Gangsta Grip                Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
04. Murder/Jukebox/Press Conference                    The Debt Collector
05. Bathtub/Forest/Photograph                                  The Shining
06. Paranoid/Satire/Window                                       The Tenant (Le Locataire)
07. Sniper/Mosquito/Respect                                     Kill Bill (these are from Vol. 1)
08. Police Brutality/Unemployment/Alcohol             The Big Lebowski
09. Car Accident/Marriage/Masquerade                   Romeo + Juliet
10. Elevator/Premarital Sex/Wings                            Brazil
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300 - The Movie [Mar. 29th, 2007|08:08 am]
(text in English follows)

Ragazzi, NON andate a vedere "300"! E' una cagata PAZZESCA!
Sangue gratuito, troppe scene "al rallentatore" che mi hanno fatto perdere la pazienza e una serie di citazioni di altri film d'avventura. Quali? Beh, abbiamo:
- Il Signore degli Anelli: un personaggio deforme E' Gollum; ci sono gli orchi; la battaglia inizia come Helm's Deep; un personaggio muore esattamente come Boromir
- Braveheart: il discorso di Robert the Bruce prima dell'ultima battaglia del film e' preso pari pari
- Il Gladiatore: la scena in mezzo al campo della neo-vedova con il figlio
- La Storia Infinita: il lupo!
- Harry Potter: il Troll di montagna
Inoltre i colori sono pessimi e c'e' troppo CGI inutile. Comprate la graphic novel, che e' MOLTO meglio.


Guys, do NOT go see "300 - the Movie"! It's pure, utter bullshit!
Free-flowing blood and tons of slow-motion shots that made me lose my will to live. And plenty of quotations from other movies:
- The Lord of the Rings: a deformed character IS Gollum; some characters are wearing the same makeup the orcs did; the battle starts exactly like Helm's Deep; a character dies exactly like Boromir
- Braveheart: Robert the Bruce's speech before the last battle in that movie is quoted nearly to the letter
- The Gladiator: that shot in the wheat of the newly widowed lady with her son
- The Neverending Story: the wolf!
- Harry Potter: the Mountain Troll
Furthermore the colours are awful and there's too much useless CGI. Buy the graphic novel, it's MILES better.
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Quiz - 14 questions for musicians and band members [Mar. 4th, 2007|12:53 pm]

When did you start playing (any instrument)?
- At school in Italy at the time (mid '80s, woah) you HAD to play flute. So technically that was my first instrument, in 1985. But I already wanted to play guitar (I took my first lessons in the following summer, 1986).

When did you start playing YOUR instrument, and why?
- My mate Federico was a bass player and once, when I was 16, we met up in a practice room and he showed me where all the nice wee notes were. Then I basically forgot everything, and I started again in 1993, soon after my 18th birthday.

Who was your first band?
- The Senza Nome ("Without a Name"). Toni "Horse" and Alessandro "Pizza" on guitars, Davide "Dice" on drums, Gabry and Federica on backing vocals, plus a bunch of keyboard players and some vocalists until Toni and Gabry took over themselves.

When was your first gig? Can you remember which songs you played?
- On the night after my second written exam in the high school finals, so late June of 1993. With Monta on vocals, an arse who could barely sing. One Vision, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Hammer to Fall by Queen, Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns'n'Roses, Sogni di Rock'n'Roll and Libera Nos a Malo by Ligabue, Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan and Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. Probably a couple more songs, I think the tape is in my bedroom but I canny be arsed checking.

Which genres have you played?
- An odd rock-blues with the guys above, then trash metal, grunge, punk, death metal (but I just rehearsed with them a couple of times), Irish folk, Italian folk, country

Whose covers have you played?
- The whole world, I think. Dire Straits, Ligabue, Queen, Bob Dylan, Guns'n'Roses, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Green Day, Fabrizio De André, Daniele Silvestri, Quintorigo, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles - I must be forgetting plenty.

Is there any song that you HATE(D) playing?
- Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. Toni wanted to play the full, 7 minutes live version and during the final solo I tended to lose all my will to live.

And any song that you LOVE(D) playing?
- Amongst the covers, it was Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls with Planet Fear/Prima Linea, double time, growling backing vocals and all. Amongst non-covers it must be something by B%ze, probably Ghosts, our "powerful opener".

In how many bands have you been playing?
- Those Senza Nome/Rooks/Sultans of Swings; then I rehearsed a couple of times with that death metal guys; then it was Planet Fear/Prima Linea/Linea d'Ombra; then Three Little Slaves, The Wild Rovers/Effetti Personali, B%ze, the thing I used to call "Ufen Project" or "P.U.B.B. Project" and the two bands I'm jamming with now. And the Zio Trio!

Which genre are you playing now? How did you come to play that?
- I'm jamming with a Johnny Cash tribute band because Dave asked and I like Johnny Cash. And there also is the rock/hard rock thing for which a drummer is needed, same reason as above.

When was your LATEST gig?
- Uuuuuuuh, nearly two years ago with the B%ze at Lava Lounge.

Which was your BEST gig ever?
- With B%ze at the Vertigo in Glasgow for Emergenza - we seriously rocked. And with Prima Linea at the Festa de L'Unità in Padova, again great stuff and plenty of people in the audience (OK, because we were opening for TNR, but still).

And when will your NEXT gig be?
- Who knows... but as soon as we have one I'll let you know!

Can you devise your ideal band picking from the people you've played with?
- Tough, and I wouldn't like to offend anyone... I'd have Simone Varroto (Prima Linea - not a great voice but he knows how to use it and is good at leading the audience) and Tom Barnes (J. Cash tribute band) on vocals, Alessandro "Pizza" Ceci (Senza Nome) on lead guitar, Marco Rizzato on rhythm guitar, Alberto "Bionda" Martin on keyboards and accordion, Andrea Falaguasta on percussions and Micol Tosatti on violin (all Effetti Personali) and... aaaaaaaaargh this is tough... Martyn (cy)Borg (B%ze) on drums, although Stefano Pavanati (Three Little Slaves) and Pat Gillen (J. Cash tribute band) are amazing drummers as well. I didn't list Davide Mazzoni (guitar) because we never played any live gig together. And for the songs... I'd ask Andrea Cogo (Prima Linea), Mario Canosa (B%ze) and Dave Watson to write them - I'm sure something unbelievable would come out of it!

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24-02-2007 Murrayfield [Feb. 26th, 2007|08:48 am]
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[how I'm feeling: |happygloating]

Two blogs in one day? Oh, yeah. Two great events in two days, no chance to post from Friday night to Monday morning... on we go!

Italy is playing Scotland in Murrayfield, Edinburgh. It's the third game of this year's Six Nations, Italy lost the first two games (although with France and England, in theory the two best sides in Europe - Ireland won't agree with this though) while Scotland lost badly with England but beat Wales 21-9. Italy is missing for the whole tournament its two brand new stars, Marko Stanojevic and David Bortolussi. For the same length of time, Scotland doesn't have captain White; also, the winger Webster is injured. I'm going with a bunch of friends, like I did two years ago for a boring game that ended with a 18-15 score for Scotland.

The atmosphere is as always amazing, as usual (but I'll remark it for those who are not into rugby) there is no distinction between the supporters of the two sides. We sing both national anthems, by the way.

As those who watched the game already know, Italy scored three tries in five minutes and marched to their very first away win in the Six Nations, an amazing 37-17 demolition of the Scots. And, once again, Captain Alessandro Troncon (he is not actually skippering the team any more, but he is THE captain, if you see what I mean) has been judged the Man of the Match.

Now, cut on the tale of the game (go find the DVD!); after 20 minutes I had already lost my voice, by the way.

After the game, we decide to stop by the coaches the teams will leave on to cheer the team a bit. Point is, they decide to stop and chat. I manage to have a word with Pepe Scanavacca (I played once against his team and I tackled him, HA!) and Carlo Checchinato, the team manager and a former great n.8. I also have the chance to see most of the other guys and to thank them, amazing thing is the fact that they keep thanking me and every single one of those gathering around them to shake hands, take pictures and get autographs. I even manage to speak to Martin Castrogiovanni, who had a pretty bad knee injury but he still was so nice to exchange a few words with anyone who cared to stop. I also see some of the Scottish players, shake hands and all, and captain Chris Paterson keeps apologizing. When I shake hands with prop Euan Murray and lock Jim Henderson (they indeed are both big), Murray actually looks me in the eye and apologizes "for having let us down". Strong with the awareness that I'll never be playing against him and totally high on adrenalin I stare back at him and go "No worries mate - I'm Italian" (he did stop on his tracks for a couple of seconds).

Amazing experience, being there when "it" happened - thanks to all my friends who were there. And amazing friendliness from the players on both sides.

With Martin Castrogiovanni

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Ben Parker/David Berkeley [Feb. 26th, 2007|08:43 am]
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Friday 24th of February, Ben Parker (formerly of Ben & Jason) plays in Glasgow. I've seen him with Jason in Padova, at Banale, in their "Goodbye" tour. Then, thanks to MySpace, I've managed to keep in touch with him and to follow his solo career, which has not given him the chance for "the big break" yet, although he deserves it.

He was scheduled to play at the Barfly, but for some reason he had to find a different venue to play in - less than two weeks before the date. Ben (or whoever helped him in this issue) found the Tchai oVna, a small and cozy tea house in the south side of Glasgow, somewhere between Shawlands and Pollokshaws. I cut short on my adventures to get to the venue first and to find a parking spot later, let's start with me getting to the venue and finding out that the people I had invited, for several reason, didn't turn up. Oh, well. I enter the place, it's actually tiny but beautiful. Ben recognizes me (from my old profile picture on MySpace, I suppose) and says hi, I take my seat, exchange a couple of words with the guy running the place, Ken, order a very spicy, very tasty tea (no alcohol here, and vegetarian food only as well).

I was vaguely aware that before Ben another musician would have been played, I actually had no idea of who he could be, but of course I expected someone who could fit with Ben Parker's style without being too close to it. Well, here comes on stage one David Berkeley from the USA. Jokes, funny guy (funny - ha ha, not funny - odd), starts playing... he's amazing! His songs sound a bit like the bitterest Bob Dylan but with a better voice and with hints of the early Paul Simon, although accordingto a flyer he gives me he has been mostly compared to Tim Buckley and Nick Drake. I particularly liked "Halloween Parade" and "Jefferson", but everything he played was extremely interesting. All very quiet and laid back but pretty sad, contrasting with his verve between the songs.

David Berkeley and his shiny trainers

The fact that in the venue there were exactly 20 people including the musicians and the owner of the place (and it seemed crowded) helped a relaxed atmosphere, also the hot and analcoholic drinks avoided people being noisy. It's nice to actually hear the musicians keeping their time tapping their feet, and not only Ben with his boots but also David with his trainers.

After David Berkeley (check him out at www.davidberkeley.com and www.myspace.com/davidberkeley) it's the turn of Ben Parker (www.myspace.com/benparkermusic, by the way). He's more lively - although he is sitting as well - and so are most of his songs. Some of them I already knew, so I actually find myself singing (well, whispering) along on "Survive the Rain" and "The Counting Song". His style is honestly very difficult to describe. It is clearly a son of rock and folk, but there is something else on top of it that I find hard to point out. I have managed to squeeze the last Ben & Jason album into progressive music (it was something innovative indeed) and to review it on MovimentiProg, I suppose that Ben's solo songs could go under the same label although there are big differences with the duo recordings or with the live show I had the luck to see (amongst those, pretty noticeable the absence of Jason).

Ben Parker at the Tchai oVna

Done with the music (pleasant the fact to have a song dedicated from the stage "because of the road I drove to get there" - Largs to Glasgow must be some 35 miles - although I suppose that was the reason why Ben busted a string towards the end of it), I have the chance to have a word or two with the two musicians and to buy CDs from them - which I get autographed and I am listening to now. Again, very nice and funny guys.

So, great Friday night: I found a new nice place to hang out in for when I happen to be around Glasgow, I could listened to Ben's songs which I love and I "discovered" one more songwriter that I really like. And I came home with one CD from each, plus a bonus DVD in David's CD (for only 7 pounds!) and a free old Ben & Jason promo from Ben. And two bags of mate from Argentina. Such a good night, I had to report about it immediately. So, even though I'll manage to post this blog entry only Monday, while I am writing it is still Friday night - I wanted to do it with the feeling still fresh.

Over and out, goodnight, good morning or whatever.

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